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Elizabeth Fowler

I grew up outside Philadelphia, where I drew, fabricated, painted, and acted out stories my whole childhood. Most nights at family dinner, I’d arrive at the table as a different character! I used a pencil self-portrait as part of my application to Princeton University, where I took so much Art History, it could have been my major. Instead, having been awarded a University Scholar standing, I was able to create my own Independent Concentration in Theatre. I wrote and produced two plays and graduated with highest honors. Thoughts of becoming a playwright and director were put to the side to focus on raising a family. It is now five children and twelve grandkids later! I taught History and Art at an AZ Charter School for twenty years, where I produced many original plays with the students. I am now devoted to being a full-time professional artist of murals, commissioned canvases, and signs. I truly love teaching, and do freelance classes. One of my greatest joys is working on the Board of Rim Country Artists.

I am grateful to have art as a way of giving. I see and feel beauty everywhere, and being a maker of things lets me share that.

Payson Youth Creative School

Building connection and creativity with individual 3rd-5th grade students. 

At PYCS, Elizabeth Fowler, a professional artist with 30 years of teaching experience, explores the elements of art in imaginative lessons. Using a variety of different mediums and approaches, her fun and easy-going method of teaching allows for confident learning.

Murals & Commissioned Work

Over the years, I have worked solo and with other tremendous local artists to bring life to the blank interior and exterior spaces in local businesses, schools, historic buildings, and other areas that can become a canvas. I would love to help you bring life to your location as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation! 

Parties & Events

I love to teach and watch others find their creativity! Art brings people together and provides an avenue for building and strengthening relationships. I would be honored to come in and create a unique, artistic experience for your gathering. 

Rim Country Artists

As a founding Board member of Rim Country Artists and Director of Education and Programming, I currently work with like-hearted artists/leaders to contribute to the arts. RCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote all forms of the arts in Rim County so they may be ever more visible and in service to the community.

Our mission is to promote all the Arts in Rim Country – through exhibition and performance, community involvement, education, and collaboration.

Exhibition and performance include fine art, photography, music, poetry, theatre, and dance. 

Community Involvement includes: public art, networking, and partnering opportunities between non-profits, businesses, and artists.

Art Education, including workshops, mentor artists, projects built by artists, students, and teachers, and professional development.

Collaboration to foster partnerships with art projects, shows, towns, and businesses to increase the health and prosperity of Rim Country and to build an Arts Center.